3 Point formula to overcome False Ego

by Gauranga Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 12.09.10
tasyaikadā bhṛgu-śreṣṭha
puṣpabhadrā-taṭe muneḥ
upāsīnasya sandhyāyāṁ
brahman vāyur abhūn mahān

O brāhmaṇa Śaunaka, best of the Bhṛgus, one day while Mārkaṇḍeya was performing his evening worship on the bank of the Puṣpabhadrā, a great wind suddenly arose.

SB 12.09.11
taṁ caṇḍa-śabdaṁ samudīrayantaṁ
balāhakā anv abhavan karālāḥ
akṣa-sthaviṣṭhā mumucus taḍidbhiḥ
svananta uccair abhi varṣa-dhārāḥ

That wind created a terrible sound and brought in its wake fearsome clouds that were accompanied by lightning and roaring thunder and that poured down on all sides torrents of rain as heavy as wagon wheels.

SB 12.09.12
tato vyadṛśyanta catuḥ samudrāḥ
samantataḥ kṣmā-talam āgrasantaḥ
samīra-vegormibhir ugra-nakra-

Then the four great oceans appeared on all sides, swallowing up the surface of the earth with their wind-tossed waves. In these oceans were terrible sea monsters, fearful whirlpools and ominous rumblings.

SB 12.09.13
antar bahiś cādbhir ati-dyubhiḥ kharaiḥ
śatahradābhir upatāpitaṁ jagat
catur-vidhaṁ vīkṣya sahātmanā munir
jalāplutāṁ kṣmāṁ vimanāḥ samatrasat

The sage saw all the inhabitants of the universe, including himself, tormented within and without by the harsh winds, the bolts of lightning, and the great waves rising beyond the sky. As the whole earth flooded, he grew perplexed and fearful.

Here the word catur-vidham refers to the four sources of birth for conditioned souls: embryos, eggs, seeds and perspiration.

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