Narada Munis observance of Time Factor

by Radhika Vallabh Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 01.06.06
ekātmajā me jananī
yoṣin mūḍhā ca kiṅkarī
mayy ātmaje ’nanya-gatau
cakre snehānubandhanam

I was the only son of my mother, who was not only a simple woman but a maidservant as well. Since I was her only offspring, she had no other alternative for protection: she bound me with the tie of affection.

SB 01.06.07
sāsvatantrā na kalpāsīd
yoga-kṣemaṁ mamecchatī
īśasya hi vaśe loko
yoṣā dārumayī yathā

She wanted to look after my maintenance properly, but because she was not independent, she was not able to do anything for me. The world is under the full control of the Supreme Lord; therefore everyone is like a wooden doll in the hands of a puppet master.

SB 01.06.08
ahaṁ ca tad-brahma-kule
ūṣivāṁs tad-upekṣayā
bālakaḥ pañca-hāyanaḥ

When I was a mere child of five years, I lived in a brāhmaṇa school. I was dependent on my mother’s affection and had no experience of different lands.

SB 1.6.9
ekadā nirgatāṁ gehād
duhantīṁ niśi gāṁ pathi
sarpo ’daśat padā spṛṣṭaḥ
kṛpaṇāṁ kāla-coditaḥ

Once upon a time, my poor mother, when going out one night to milk a cow, was bitten on the leg by a serpent, influenced by supreme time.

That is the way of dragging a sincere soul nearer to God. The poor boy was being looked after only by his affectionate mother, and yet the mother was taken from the world by the supreme will in order to put him completely at the mercy of the Lord.

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