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Disappearance Day of Srila Narottama Das Thakur

Prerana - Winning The Game of Life

Sringar Deity Darshan on 31 October 2015

Ideal Grihastha Life by Emulating Krishna's Daily Activity

Sringar Deity Darshan on 30 October 2015

Sringar Deity Darshan on 29 October 2015

Spiritual Advancement through Culture of Respect

Shayan Deity Darshan on 29 October 2015

Shayan Deity Darshan on 28 October 2015

Valuing Vedic Tradition

Sringar Deity Darshan on 28 October 2015

Sharad Poornima Festival - Krishna's Power to Receive and Give Love

Cultivating Virtue

Sringar Deity Darshan on 27 October 2015

Kaliyuga's Special Mercy

Shayan Deity Darshan on 26 October 2015

Shayan Deity Darshan on 25 October 2015

Narad Muni's-Thoughts Words and Action for Krishna's Service

Importance of Morning Program

Shayan Deity Darshan on 24 October 2015

Sunday Feast - Disapperance of Raghunathdas Goswami Raghunath Bhatta Goswami Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami

Shayan Deity Darshan on 22 October 2015

Lords Human Like Pastimes may appear bewildering even to Pure Devotees

Krishna teaches Ideas of Grihastha Life

Devotional Service is our Saving Grace

Shayan Deity Darshan on 19 October 2015

Shayan Deity Darshan on 18 October 2015

Endeavoring for the Special Mercy of Krishna

Shayan Deity Darshan on 17 October 2015

Appreciating Bhakti Does Appreciate

Chetana Festival - Gateway to Great Way

Sweet Dwarka Lila of Krishna

Spiritual Life may be difficult but Material Life is Impossible

Shayan Deity Darshan on 14 October 2015

Contradictory Behaviour Attracts

Adapting Preaching according to Changing Era

Shayan Deity Darshan on 11 October 2015

Sunday Feast - Glories of Holy Name

Drama - Importance of Holy Name

Human-Like God

Principles for Sustainable Relationship in Grihastha Ashram

How Agreeable and Contrary Natures Affect Intimacy

Prerana Festival - Do your Best and Leave the Rest

So Called Happy Hours of Material Life

Spirit of Exemplary Leadership

Krishna Creates Beauty in the Disturbing Minds

Amongst all other Paths VAISHNAVISM Shines Out

Sunday Feast - Offenses against Chanting of Holyname

No one can understand Krishna but anyone can surrender to Krishna

Bhakti Yoga is a Creativity Paradise

Dealing with Curiosity to Know Lord's Energies