Disagreements Among The Kaliyuga Leaders

Srimad Bhagavatam 08.08.26-38 - Disagreements Among The Kaliyuga Leaders (download mp3)
by Krishnanaam Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 8.8.26
vaditranam prthuh svanah
devanuganam sastrinam
nrtyatam gayatam abhut

The inhabitants of Gandharvaloka and Caranaloka then took the opportunity to play their musical instruments, such as conchshells, bugles and drums. They began dancing and singing along with their wives.

SB 8.8.27
sarve visva-srjo vibhum
idire 'vitathair mantrais
tal-lingaih puspa-varsinah

Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, the great sage Angira, and similar directors of universal management showered flowers and chanted mantras indicating the transcendental glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

SB 8.8.28
sriyavalokita devah
saprajapatayah prajah
lebhire nirvrtim param

All the demigods, along with the prajapatis and their descendants, being blessed by Laksmiji's glance upon them, were immediately enriched with good behavior and transcendental qualities. Thus they were very much satisfied.

SB 8.8.29
nihsattva lolupa rajan
nirudyoga gata-trapah
yada copeksita laksmya
babhuvur daitya-danavah

O King, because of being neglected by the goddess of fortune, the demons and Raksasas were depressed, bewildered and frustrated, and thus they became shameless.

SB 8.8.30
athasid varuni devi
kanya kamala-locana
asura jagrhus tam vai
harer anumatena te

Next appeared Varuni, the lotus-eyed goddess who controls drunkards. With the permission of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, the demons, headed by Bali Maharaja, took possession of this young girl.

SB 8.8.31
athodadher mathyamanat
kasyapair amrtarthibhih
udatisthan maharaja
purusah paramadbhutah

O King, thereafter, while the sons of Kasyapa, both demons and demigods, were engaged in churning the ocean of milk, a very wonderful male person appeared.

SB 8.8.32
kambu-grivo 'runeksanah
syamalas tarunah sragvi

He was strongly built; his arms were long, stout and strong; his neck, which was marked with three lines, resembled a conchshell; his eyes were reddish; and his complexion was blackish. He was very young, he was garlanded with flowers, and his entire body was fully decorated with various ornaments.

SB 8.8.33
pita-vasa mahoraskah
subhagah simha-vikramah
bibhrad valaya-bhusitah

He was dressed in yellow garments and wore brightly polished earrings made of pearls. The tips of his hair were anointed with oil, and his chest was very broad. His body had all good features, he was stout and strong like a lion, and he was decorated with bangles. In his hand he carried a jug filled to the top with nectar.

SB 8.8.34
sa vai bhagavatah saksad
visnor amsamsa-sambhavah
dhanvantarir iti khyata
ayur-veda-drg ijya-bhak

This person was Dhanvantari, a plenary portion of a plenary portion of Lord Visnu. He was very conversant with the science of medicine, and as one of the demigods he was permitted to take a share in sacrifices.

Srila Madhvacarya remarks:

tesam satyac calanartham
harir dhanvantarir vibhuh
samartho 'py asuranam tu
sva-hastad amucat sudham

Dhanvantari, who was carrying the jug containing nectar, was a plenary incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but although he was very strong, the asuras were able to take the jug of nectar from his hands.

SB 8.8.35
tam alokyasurah sarve
kalasam camrtabhrtam
lipsantah sarva-vastuni
kalasam tarasaharan

Upon seeing Dhanvantari carrying the jug of nectar, the demons, desiring the jug and its contents, immediately snatched it away by force.

SB 8.8.36
niyamane 'surais tasmin
kalase 'mrta-bhajane
visanna-manaso deva
harim saranam ayayuh

When the jug of nectar was carried off by the demons, the demigods were morose. Thus they sought shelter at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari.

SB 8.8.37
iti tad-dainyam alokya
bhagavan bhrtya-kama-krt
ma khidyata mitho 'rtham vah
sadhayisye sva-mayaya

When the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who always desires to fulfill the ambitions of His devotees, saw that the demigods were morose, He said to them, "Do not be aggrieved. By My own energy I shall bewilder the demons by creating a quarrel among them. In this way I shall fulfill your desire to have the nectar."

SB 8.8.38
mithah kalir abhut tesam
tad-arthe tarsa-cetasam
aham purvam aham purvam
na tvam na tvam iti prabho

O King, a quarrel then arose among the demons over who would get the nectar first. Each of them said, "You cannot drink it first. I must drink it first. Me first, not you!"

This is the symptom of demons. The first concern of a nondevotee is how to enjoy his personal sense gratification at once, whereas the devotee's first concern is to satisfy the Lord. This is the distinction between the nondevotee and the devotee. In this material world, since most people are nondevotees, they regularly compete, fight, disagree and war among themselves, for everyone wants to enjoy and satisfy his own senses. Therefore, unless such demons become Krsna conscious and are trained to satisfy the senses of the Lord, there can be no question of peace in human society or any society, even that of the demigods. The demigods and devotees, however, always surrender to the lotus feet of the Lord, and thus the Lord is always anxious to satisfy their ambitions. While the demons fight to satisfy their own senses, devotees engage in devotional service to satisfy the senses of the Lord. The members of the Krsna consciousness movement must be alert in regard to this point, and then their preaching of the Krsna consciousness movement will be successful.