Glories Of Lord Vamanadeva And Srila Jiva Goswami

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.03.17-20 - Glories Of Lord Vamanadeva And Srila Jiva Goswami (download mp3)
by Bhakti Raghava Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 9.3.17
darsayitva patim tasyai
pati-vratyena tositau
rsim amantrya yayatur
vimanena trivistapam

The Asvini-kumaras were very pleased to see Sukanya's chastity and faithfulness. Thus they showed her Cyavana Muni, her husband, and after taking permission from him, they returned to the heavenly planets in their plane.

SB 9.3.18
yaksyamano 'tha saryatis
cyavanasyasramam gatah
dadarsa duhituh parsve
purusam surya-varcasam

Thereafter, King Saryati, desiring to perform a sacrifice, went to the residence of Cyavana Muni. There he saw by the side of his daughter a very beautiful young man, as bright as the sun.

SB 9.3.19
raja duhitaram praha
asisas caprayuñjano
natipriti-mana iva

After receiving obeisances from his daughter, the King, instead of offering blessings to her, appeared very displeased and spoke as follows.

SB 9.3.20
cikirsitam te kim idam patis tvaya
pralambhito loka-namaskrto munih
yat tvam jara-grastam asaty asammatam
vihaya jaram bhajase 'mum adhvagam

O unchaste girl, what is this that you have desired to do? You have cheated the most respectable husband, who is honored by everyone, for I see that because he was old, diseased and therefore unattractive, you have left his company to accept as your husband this young man, who appears to be a beggar from the street.

This shows the values of Vedic culture. According to the circumstances, Sukanya had been given a husband who was too old to be compatible with her. Because Cyavana Muni was diseased and very old, he was certainly unfit for the beautiful daughter of King Saryati. Nonetheless, her father expected her to be faithful to her husband. When he suddenly saw that his daughter had accepted someone else, even though the man was young and handsome, he immediately chastised her as asati, unchaste, because he assumed that she had accepted another man in the presence of her husband. According to Vedic culture, even if a young woman is given an old husband, she must respectfully serve him. This is chastity. It is not that because she dislikes her husband she may give him up and accept another. This is against Vedic culture. According to Vedic culture, a woman must accept the husband given to her by her parents and remain chaste and faithful to him. Therefore King Saryati was surprised to see a young man by the side of Sukanya.