The Power Of Chastitiy Of A Lady

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.03.12-16 - The Power Of Chastitiy Of A Lady (download mp3)
by Baladeva Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 9.3.12
graham grahisye somasya
yajñe vam apy asoma-poh
kriyatam me vayo-rupam
pramadanam yad ipsitam

Cyavana Muni said: Although you are ineligible to drink soma-rasa in sacrifices, I promise to give you a full pot of it. Kindly arrange beauty and youth for me, because they are attractive to young women.

SB 9.3.13
badham ity ucatur vipram
abhinandya bhisaktamau
nimajjatam bhavan asmin
hrade siddha-vinirmite

The great physicians, the Asvini-kumaras, very gladly accepted Cyavana Muni's proposal. Thus they told the brahmana, "Just dive into this lake of successful life." [One who bathes in this lake has his desires fulfilled.]

SB 9.3.14
ity ukto jaraya grasta-
deho dhamani-santatah
hradam pravesito 'svibhyam

After saying this, the Asvini-kumaras caught hold of Cyavana Muni, who was an old, diseased invalid with loose skin, white hair, and veins visible all over his body, and all three of them entered the lake.

Cyavana Muni was so old that he could not enter the lake alone. Thus the Asvini-kumaras caught hold of his body, and the three of them entered the lake.

SB 9.3.15
purusas traya uttasthur
apivya vanita-priyah
padma-srajah kundalinas
tulya-rupah suvasasah

Thereafter, three men with very beautiful bodily features emerged from the lake. They were nicely dressed and decorated with earrings and garlands of lotuses. All of them were of the same standard of beauty.

SB 9.3.16
tan niriksya vararoha
sarupan surya-varcasah
ajanati patim sadhvi
asvinau saranam yayau

The chaste and very beautiful Sukanya could not distinguish her husband from the two Asvini-kumaras, for they were equally beautiful. Not understanding who her real husband was, she took shelter of the Asvini-kumaras.

Sukanya could have selected any one of them as her husband, for one could not distinguish among them, but because she was chaste, she took shelter of the Asvini-kumaras so that they could inform her who her actual husband was. A chaste woman will never accept any man other than her husband, even if there be someone equally as handsome and qualified.