The Power Of Sex Illusion

Srimad Bhagavatam 09.19.07-08 - The Power Of Sex Illusion (download mp3)
by Yugavatar Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 9.19.7
tam eva presthatamaya
ramamanam ajanyaya
vilokya kupa-samvigna
namrsyad basta-karma tat

When the she-goat who had fallen into the well saw her beloved goat engaged in sexual affairs with another she-goat, she could not tolerate the goat's activities.

SB 9.19.8
tam durhrdam suhrd-rupam
kaminam ksana-sauhrdam
indriyaramam utsrjya
svaminam duhkhita yayau

Aggrieved by her husband's behavior with another, the she-goat thought that the he-goat was not actually her friend but was hardhearted and was her friend only for the time being. Therefore, because her husband was lusty, she left him and returned to her former maintainer.

The word svaminam is significant. Svami means "caretaker" or "master." Devayani was cared for by Sukracarya before her marriage, and after her marriage she was cared for by Yayati, but here the word svaminam indicates that Devayani left the protection of her husband, Yayati, and returned to her former protector, Sukracarya. Vedic civilization recommends that a woman stay under the protection of a man. During childhood she should be cared for by her father, in youth by her husband, and in old age by a grown son. In any stage of life, a woman should not have independence.