Oppulences of Lord

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.03.19 - Oppulences of Lord (download mp3)
by Vamsi Vihari Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.3.19
tvatto 'sya janma-sthiti-samyaman vibho
vadanty anihad agunad avikriyat
tvayisvare brahmani no virudhyate
tvad-asrayatvad upacaryate gunaih

O my Lord, learned Vedic scholars conclude that the creation, maintenance and annihilation of the entire cosmic manifestation are performed by You, who are free from endeavor, unaffected by the modes of material nature, and changeless in Your spiritual situation. There are no contradictions in You, who are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Para-brahman. Because the three modes of material nature-sattva, rajas and tamas—are under Your control, everything takes place automatically.

As stated in the Vedas:

na tasya karyam karanam ca vidyate
na tat-samas cabhyadhikas ca drsyate
parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate
svabhaviki jñana-bala-kriya ca
[Cc. Madhya 13.65, purport]

"The Supreme Lord has nothing to do, and no one is found to be equal to or greater than Him, for everything is done naturally and systematically by His multifarious energies." (Svetasvatara Upanisad 6.8) Creation, maintenance and annihilation are all conducted personally by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and this is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram [Bg. 9.10]). Yet ultimately the Lord does not need to do anything, and therefore He is nirvikara, changeless. Because everything is done under His direction, He is called srsti-karta, the master of creation. Similarly, He is the master of annihilation. When a master sits in one place while his servants work in different duties, whatever the servants are doing is ultimately an activity of the master, although he is doing nothing (na tasya karyam karanam ca vidyate). The Lord's potencies are so numerous that everything is nicely done. Therefore, He is naturally still and is not directly the doer of anything in this material world.