Dont Become Complacent

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.19.01-07 - Dont Become Complacent (download mp3)
by Hare Krishna Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.19.1
sri-suka uvaca
kridasaktesu gopesu
 tad-gavo dura-carinih
svairam carantyo vivisus
 trna-lobhena gahvaram

Sukadeva Gosvami said: While the cowherd boys were completely absorbed in playing, their cows wandered far away. They hungered for more grass, and with no one to watch them they entered a dense forest.

SB 10.19.2
aja gavo mahisyas ca
 nirvisantyo vanad vanam
isikatavim nirvivisuh
 krandantyo dava-tarsitah

Passing from one part of the great forest to another, the goats, cows and buffalo eventually entered an area overgrown with sharp canes. The heat of a nearby forest fire made them thirsty, and they cried out in distress.

SB 10.19.3
te ’pasyantah pasun gopah
 krsna-ramadayas tada
jatanutapa na vidur
 vicinvanto gavam gatim

Not seeing the cows before them, Krsna, Rama and Their cowherd friends suddenly felt repentant for having neglected them. The boys searched all around, but could not discover where they had gone.

SB 10.19.4
trnais tat-khura-dac-chinnair
 gos-padair ankitair gavam
margam anvagaman sarve
 nastajivya vicetasah

Then the boys began tracing out the cows’ path by noting their hoofprints and the blades of grass the cows had broken with their hooves and teeth. All the cowherd boys were in great anxiety because they had lost their source of livelihood.

SB 10.19.5
muñjatavyam bhrasta-margam
 krandamanam sva-godhanam
samprapya trsitah srantas
 tatas te sannyavartayan

Within the Muñja forest the cowherd boys finally found their valuable cows, who had lost their way and were crying. Then the boys, thirsty and tired, herded the cows onto the path back home.

SB 10.19.6
ta ahuta bhagavata
 megha-gambhiraya gira
sva-namnam ninadam srutva
 pratineduh praharsitah

The Supreme Personality of Godhead called out to the animals in a voice that resounded like a rumbling cloud. Hearing the sound of their own names, the cows were overjoyed and called out to the Lord in reply.

SB 10.19.7
tatah samantad dava-dhumaketur
 yadrcchayabhut ksaya-krd vanaukasam
samiritah sarathinolbanolmukair
 vilelihanah sthira-jangaman mahan

Suddenly a great forest fire appeared on all sides, threatening to destroy all the forest creatures. Like a chariot driver, the wind swept the fire onward, and terrible sparks shot in all directions. Indeed, the great fire extended its tongues of flame toward all moving and nonmoving creatures.

Just as Krsna, Balarama and the cowherd boys were about to take their cows back home, the forest fire previously mentioned raged out of control and surrounded all of them.