Envy Flavored with Ego Creates Conflicts

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.19.08-11 - Envy Flavored with Ego Creates Conflicts (download mp3)
by Radha Vallabha Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

 SB 10.19.8
tam apatantam parito davagnim
 gopas ca gavah prasamiksya bhitah
ucus ca krsnam sa-balam prapanna
 yatha harim mrtyu-bhayardita janah

As the cows and cowherd boys stared at the forest fire attacking them on all sides, they became fearful. The boys then approached Krsna and Balarama for shelter, just as those who are disturbed by fear of death approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The boys addressed Them as follows.

SB 10.19.9
krsna krsna maha-vira
 he ramamogha vikrama
davagnina dahyamanan
 prapannams tratum arhathah

[The cowherd boys said:] O Krsna! Krsna! Most powerful one! O Rama! You whose prowess never fails! Please save Your devotees, who are about to be burned by this forest fire and have come to take shelter of You!

SB 10.19.10
nunam tvad-bandhavah krsna
 na carhanty avasaditum
vayam hi sarva-dharma-jña
 tvan-nathas tvat-parayanah

Krsna! Certainly Your own friends shouldn’t be destroyed. O knower of the nature of all things, we have accepted You as our Lord, and we are souls surrendered unto You!

SB 10.19.11
sri-suka uvaca
vaco nisamya krpanam
 bandhunam bhagavan harih
nimilayata ma bhaista
 locananity abhasata

Sukadeva Gosvami said: Hearing these pitiful words from His friends, the Supreme Lord Krsna told them, “Just close your eyes and do not be afraid.”

This verse clearly reveals the simple, sublime relationship between Krsna and His pure devotees. The Absolute Truth, the supreme almighty Lord, is actually a young, blissful cowherd boy named Krsna. God is youthful, and His mentality is playful. When He saw that His beloved friends were terrified of the forest fire, He simply told them to close their eyes and not be afraid. Then Lord Krsna acted, as described in the next verse.