Glories of Srinivasa Acarya Madhavendra Puripada and Appearance of Sri Sri Radha Raman

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.45.14-23 - Glories of Srinivasa Acarya Madhavendra Puripada and Appearance of Sri Sri Radha Raman (download mp3)
by Vraj Candra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.45.14
mayi bhrtya upasine
 bhavato vibudhadayah
balim haranty avanatah
 kim utanye naradhipah
Since I am present in your entourage as your personal attendant, all the demigods and other exalted personalities will come with heads bowed to offer you tribute. What, then, to speak of the rulers of men?

Lord Krsna again assures Ugrasena that he should confidently take the throne.

SB 10.45.15-16
sarvan svan jñati-sambandhan
 digbhyah kamsa-bhayakulan
sabhajitan samasvasya
nyavasayat sva-gehesu
 vittaih santarpya visva-krt

The Lord then brought all His close family members and other relatives back from the various places to which they had fled in fear of Kamsa. He received the Yadus, Vrsnis, Andhakas, Madhus, Dasarhas, Kukuras and other clans with due honor, and He also consoled them, for they were weary of living in foreign lands. Then Lord Krsna, the creator of the universe, resettled them in their homes and gratified them with valuable gifts.

SB 10.45.17-18
 gupta labdha-manorathah
grhesu remire siddhah
viksanto ’har ahah prita
nityam pramuditam srimat

The members of these clans, protected by the arms of Lord Krsna and Lord Sankarsana, felt that all their desires were fulfilled. Thus they enjoyed perfect happiness while living at home with their families. Because of the presence of Krsna and Balarama, they no longer suffered from the fever of material existence. Every day these loving devotees could see Mukunda’s ever-cheerful lotus face, which was decorated with beautiful, merciful smiling glances.

SB 10.45.19
tatra pravayaso ’py asan
 yuvano ’ti-balaujasah
pibanto ’ksair mukundasya
 mukhambuja-sudham muhuh

Even the most elderly inhabitants of the city appeared youthful, full of strength and vitality, for with their eyes they constantly drank the elixir of Lord Mukunda’s lotus face.

SB 10.45.20
atha nandam samasadya
 bhagavan devaki-sutah
sankarsanas ca rajendra
 parisvajyedam ucatuh

Then, O exalted Pariksit, the Supreme Lord Krsna, the son of Devaki, along with Lord Balarama, approached Nanda Maharaja. The two Lords embraced him and then addressed him as follows.

SB 10.45.21
pitar yuvabhyam snigdhabhyam
 positau lalitau bhrsam
pitror abhyadhika pritir
 atmajesv atmano ’pi hi

[Krsna and Balarama said:] O Father, you and mother Yasoda have affectionately maintained Us and cared for Us so much! Indeed, parents love their children more than their own lives.

SB 10.45.22
sa pita sa ca janani
 yau pusnitam sva-putra-vat
sisun bandhubhir utsrstan
 akalpaih posa-raksane

They are the real father and mother who care for, as they would their own sons, children abandoned by relatives unable to maintain and protect them.

SB 10.45.23
yata yuyam vrajamn tata
 vayam ca sneha-duhkhitan
jñatin vo drastum esyamo
 vidhaya suhrdam sukham

Now you should all return to Vraja, dear Father. We shall come to see you, Our dear relatives who suffer in separation from Us, as soon as We have given some happiness to your well-wishing friends.

The Lord here indicates His desire to satisfy His dear devotees in Mathura — Vasudeva, Devaki and other members of the Yadu dynasty — who for so long had been separated from Him during His stay in Vrndavana.