First Account of Mahaprabhu Experiencing Devotional Ecstasy

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.62.22-26 - First Account of Mahaprabhu Experiencing Devotional Ecstasy (download mp3)
by Vraj Chandra Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.62.22
sa ca tam sundara-varam
 vilokya muditanana
duspreksye sva-grhe pumbhi
 reme pradyumnina samam

When Usa beheld Him, the most beautiful of men, her face lit up with joy. She took the son of Pradyumna to her private quarters, which men were forbidden even to see, and there enjoyed with Him.

SB 10.62.23-24
pana-bhojana-bhaksyais ca
 vakyaih susrusanarcitah
gudhah kanya-pure sasvat-
 pravrddha-snehaya taya
nahar-ganan sa bubudhe

Usa worshiped Aniruddha with faithful service, offering Him priceless garments, along with garlands, fragrances, incense, lamps, sitting places and so on. She also offered Him beverages, all types of food, and sweet words. As He thus remained hidden in the young ladies’ quarters, Aniruddha did not notice the passing of the days, for His senses were captivated by Usa, whose affection for Him ever increased.

SB 10.62.25-26
tam tatha yadu-virena
 bhujyamanam hata-vratam
hetubhir laksayam cakrur
 apritam duravacchadaih
bhata avedayam cakru
 rajams te duhitur vayam
vicestitam laksayama
 kanyayah kula-dusanam

The female guards eventually noticed unmistakable symptoms of romantic involvement in Usa, who, having broken her maiden vow, was being enjoyed by the Yadu hero and showing signs of conjugal happiness. The guards went to Banasura and told him, “O King, we have detected in your daughter the kind of improper behavior that spoils the reputation of a young girl’s family.

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti has defined the word bhatah as “female guards,” whereas Jiva Gosvami defines it as “eunuchs and others.” Grammatically, the word can function both ways.

The guards feared that if Banasura found out about Usa’s activities from some other source, he would severely punish them, and thus they personally informed him that his young daughter was no longer innocent.