Lesson from Dvivida Offending Lord Balaram

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.67.17-23 - Lesson from Dvivida Offending Lord Balaram (download mp3)
by Shubha Vilas Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.67.17
dvivido ’pi maha-viryah
 salam udyamya panina
abhyetya tarasa tena
 balam murdhany atadayat

Mighty Dvivida also came forward to do battle. Uprooting a sala tree with one hand, he rushed toward Balarama and struck Him on the head with the tree trunk.

SB 10.67.18
tam tu sankarsano murdhni
 patantam acalo yatha
pratijagraha balavan
 sunandenahanac ca tam

But Lord Sankarsana remained as motionless as a mountain and simply grabbed the log as it fell upon His head. He then struck Dvivida with His club, named Sunanda.

SB 10.67.19-21
 vireje rakta-dharaya
girir yatha gairikaya
 praharam nanucintayan
punar anyam samutksipya
 krtva nispatram ojasa
tenahanat su-sankruddhas
 tam balah satadhacchinat
tato ’nyena rusa jaghne
 tam capi satadhacchinat

Struck on the skull by the Lord’s club, Dvivida became brilliantly decorated by the outpour of blood, like a mountain beautified by red oxide. Ignoring the wound, Dvivida uprooted another tree, stripped it of leaves by brute force and struck the Lord again. Now enraged, Lord Balarama shattered the tree into hundreds of pieces, upon which Dvivida grabbed yet another tree and furiously hit the Lord again. This tree, too, the Lord smashed into hundreds of pieces.

SB 10.67.22
evam yudhyan bhagavata
 bhagne bhagne punah punah
akrsya sarvato vrksan
 nirvrksam akarod vanam

Thus fighting the Lord, who again and again demolished the trees He was attacked with, Dvivida kept on uprooting trees from all sides until the forest was left treeless.

SB 10.67.23
tato ’muñcac chila-varsam
 balasyopary amarsitah
tat sarvam curnayam asa
 lilaya musalayudhah

The angry ape then released a rain of stones upon Lord Balarama, but the wielder of the club easily pulverized them all.

Srila Prabhupada writes: “When no more trees were available, Dvivida took help from the hills and threw large pieces of stone, like rainfall, upon the body of Balarama. Lord Balarama, in a great sporting mood, began to smash those big pieces of stone into mere pebbles.” Even today there are many sports wherein people enjoy striking a ball or similar object with a stick or bat. This sporting propensity exists originally in the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who playfully (lilaya) pulverized the deadly boulders hurled at Him by the powerful Dvivida.