Offenses Can Lead to Test for bad Association

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.67.14-16 - Offenses Can Lead to Test for bad Association (download mp3)
by Jagannath Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.67.14-15
tam gravna praharat kruddho
 balah praharatam varah
sa vañcayitva gravanam
 madira-kalasam kapih
grhitva helayam asa
 dhurtas tam kopayan hasan
nirbhidya kalasam dusto
 vasamsy asphalayad balam
kadarthi-krtya balavan
 vipracakre madoddhatah

Angered, Lord Balarama, the best of fighters, hurled a rock at him, but the cunning ape dodged the rock and grabbed the Lord’s pot of liquor. Further infuriating Lord Balarama by laughing and by ridiculing Him, wicked Dvivida then broke the pot and offended the Lord even more by pulling at the girls’ clothing. Thus the powerful ape, puffed up with false pride, continued to insult Sri Balarama.

SB 10.67.16
tam tasyavinayam drstva
 desams ca tad-upadrutan
kruddho musalam adatta
 halam cari-jighamsaya

Lord Balarama saw the ape’s rude behavior and thought of the disruptions he had created in the surrounding kingdoms. Thus the Lord angrily took up His club and His plow weapon, having decided to put His enemy to death.

The word avinayam means “without humility.” Dvivida, completely lacking in modesty and humility, shamelessly performed the most wicked activities. Lord Balarama knew of the great disturbances Dvivida had caused to people in general, apart from the vulgar behavior the ape was exhibiting in the Lord’s own presence. The offensive ape would now have to die.