Spiritual Relationships Greatest Subject to Explore and Experience

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.90.16-17 - Spiritual Relationships Greatest Subject to Explore and Experience (download mp3)
by Radhanath Swami at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 10.90.16
netre nimilayasi naktam adrsta-bandhus
 tvam roravisi karunam bata cakravaki
dasyam gata vayam ivacyuta-pada-justam
 kim va srajam sprhayase kavarena vodhum

Poor cakravaki, even after closing your eyes, you continue to cry pitifully through the night for your unseen mate. Or is it that, like us, you have become the servant of Acyuta and hanker to wear in your braided hair the garland He has blessed with the touch of His feet?

SB 10.90.17
bho bhoh sada nistanase udanvann
 alabdha-nidro ’dhigata-prajagarah
kim va mukundapahrtatma-laƱchanah
 praptam dasam tvam ca gato duratyayam

Dear ocean, you are always roaring, not sleeping at night. Are you suffering insomnia? Or is it that, as with us, Mukunda has taken your insignias and you are hopeless of retrieving them?

Srila Sridhara Svami states that Lord Krsna’s queens here confuse the sea surrounding Dvaraka with the celestial Ocean of Milk, from which Laksmi and the Kaustubha gem arose long ago. These were taken (apahrta) by Lord Visnu, and they now reside on His chest. The queens presume that the ocean is anxious to see once again the mark of Laksmi’s residence and the Kaustubha jewel on the Lord’s chest, and they express their sympathy by saying that they also want to see these marks. But the queens desire even more to see the kunkuma marks on the Lord’s chest, which He “took” from their breasts when they last embraced Him.