Devotees - The best Purifiers

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.10.23-24 - Devotees - The best Purifiers (download mp3)
by Gaur Vilas Prabhu at ISKCON Chowpatty

SB 12.10.23
na hy am-mayāni tīrthāni
na devāś cetanojjhitāḥ
te punanty uru-kālena
yūyaṁ darśana-mātrataḥ

Mere bodies of water do not constitute holy places, nor are lifeless statues of the demigods actual worshipable deities. Because external vision fails to appreciate the higher essence of the holy rivers and the demigods, these purify only after a considerable time. But devotees like you purify immediately, just by being seen.

SB 12.10.24
brāhmaṇebhyo namasyāmo
ye ’smad-rūpaṁ trayī-mayam
bibhraty ātma-samādhāna-

By meditating upon the Supreme Soul, performing austerities, engaging in Vedic study and following regulative principles, the brāhmaṇas sustain within themselves the three Vedas, which are nondifferent from Lord Viṣṇu, Lord Brahmā and me. Therefore I offer my obeisances unto the brāhmaṇas.

A pure devotee of the Supreme Lord is considered the most elevated of brāhmaṇas, since all spiritual endeavor culminates in the loving service of God.

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